services performed by auto glass experts

services performed by auto glass experts

Creating an Off-Road Recovery Tool Kit

Romain Philippe

One of the most exciting parts of owning a four-wheel-drive vehicle is the opportunity to take it out on the trails and enjoy an off-road adventure. Whether you own a Jeep or any other sport utility truck, it's important that you are adequately prepared before your first off-road excursion. Here's a look at some of the things that you need to put into your off-road recovery kit before you head out.

Shackles and Snatch Blocks

For such a small object, shackles are quite valuable for off-road purposes. You can place a shackle on the end of your winch line and then easily attach your winch to an anchor point, tow strap, snatch block, or another recovery object. 

Snatch blocks are a great way to increase your winch's pulling power or to alter the direction that your winch is pulling in. You can keep snatch blocks on hand for those situations where your winch needs a little extra help or the angle isn't quite right. Just make sure you get the right snatch block for your winch cable's construction.

Different Straps

When you're dealing with off-road recovery situations, no single strap is going to be the perfect solution. Each strap has its own ideal uses based on its design and intention. For example, tree savers are tow straps that are crafted wider and intended to be able to use around trees when needed without causing damage to the bark.

Heavy-duty straps are important for those situations where you're going to need some extra support or when you need to pull out a heavy vehicle. Know your truck's total weight so that you can choose straps that will hold up to it.

Cable Weights

Although many people will toss a jacket or something similar over a winch or tow cable when the line is under the pull, it's in your best interest to actually have cable weights for this purpose. The goal is to put a little bit of weight on the cable without actually weighing it down. In the event that the cable breaks, the cable weight will ensure that the cable drops down to the ground instead of snapping back and potentially injuring someone.

Safety is paramount when you're venturing into off-road activities. Before you head out on the trail for the first time, you should build an off-road recovery kit with these components and more. Talk companies like R & R Towing to learn more. 


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services performed by auto glass experts

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