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services performed by auto glass experts

5 Semi Truck Sleeper Cab Features Ideal For Video Game Enthusiasts

Romain Philippe

Traveling on the road for weeks at a time can often limit a trucker's options for recreational activities. If you're spending a lot of time on a semi truck, then you may love playing video games during rest stops or overnight stays. When shopping for a semi truck with a sleeper cab, there are five key features to look for that cater to video game enthusiasts. These features offer the comfort and tools to enjoy a variety of console games.

Swivel TV Mount

A proper location for a television is one of the key aspects when playing video games on your rig. Instead of limiting the view of the TV, you can look for a sleeper cab that has a television swivel mount. The mount allows you to rotate and move the TV in multiple directions. This allows you to view and play video games from your bed, a small chair, or from the driver's seat of your truck. When you're not playing, the TV can be positioned against the wall to reduce the space that it takes up.

Pull-Out Tabletops & Shelves

The key to a comfortable sleeper cab is finding areas that can convert and change for your comfort. A number of sleeper cabs feature flip-down or pull-out tabletops. These spaces are ideal for holding game consoles and accessories that you use while playing. For example, if you play toy-to-life games that require a gaming base and figurines, a pull-out table is ideal for holding all of these parts. You do not have to take up extra counter space in a kitchen area and can play the game with ease. The tabletops are also great for other gaming accessories like racing wheels.

Storage Compartments

A video game console often has a lot of accessories with it. Controllers, power adapters, motion control bars, and game collections can take up a lot of space. This is why it's a good idea to shop for sleeper cabs with expanded storage options. Truck manufacturers often find creative ways to add storage space inside the sleeper cab. Look for easy-access areas for your video game accessories. This includes pull out cabinets, under-seat storage, or overhead storage. Storage compartments can often act as permanent places for a video game console. For example, if there is a storage compartment available above a swivel TV stand, then you can feed the cords to the television and leave the console permanently in this area.

Auxiliary Power Units

Sleeper cabs will often have their own power units to help give you basic electricity functions. These power supplies are known as auxiliary power units or APUs. An APU is typically powered on diesel gas and can give you hours of gaming on a single gallon of gas. While shopping for a semi truck, inquire about the size of the APU and how long it can power your video game devices for. This can make a huge difference in the amount of gaming you can enjoy during your days off or while at a rest stop.

Satellite Connections

A lot of modern video games can expand options by connecting online. If you want to connect online and play with other gamers, then look for a sleeper cab with a built-in satellite connection. A satellite connection provides you with the ability to install and subscribe to satellite internet. Once you have the internet connected, you can play games online and socialize with players all over the world. The online connection is also ideal for downloading video game updates like new characters, new maps, and glitch corrections. You can also use video game console features like streaming video services, internet browsers, and digital game stores.

By shopping for trucks with one or more of these features, you can make the most out of your gaming experience inside the small area of a sleeper cab. Work with a semi truck dealer such as Arrow Truck Sales to find the specific features that you want.


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